Online kitty for wedding

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Increase your wedding budget with a free online prize pool on KWENDOO

You have finally met the chosen one and it is time for you to say “yes” in front of your families and friends. But the costs for the ceremony of your dreams are greater than expected. Create an online money pot on Kwendoo and enjoy the support of your loved ones for this special day.

Nadine’s testimony

I’m not rolling in gold, but I wanted a princess wedding like a lot of women, I guess. I wanted to mark the occasion and celebrate my wedding at the most beautiful wedding. Except that it’s an incredible cost especially when you still want to go on a honeymoon afterwards. It was when I spoke to a friend who told me about the online money pot that I had the idea of creating one.
I’m not an Internet pro, but it was very easy to create my money pot that I was able to share with all my friends on Facebook. I was very surprised by the generosity of my friends. That pot allowed me to do two things. The first is that I was able to organize the wedding of my dreams and I was even able to buy my white dress which I will pass on to my daughter. And the second is how I was surrounded by people who loved me and were so generous.

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