Our Values

Kwendoo advocates strong values of social and solidarity development. We are convinced that :

The globalization of trade will require increasingly to maintain the link between people

People living away from their loved ones should no longer regard these situations as transitory but as a new way of life

Our ethics

The collaborators

They are the first ambassadors of the Kwendoo values and guarantee them within and outside the association.

They demonstrate listening, respect and transparency, both to our clients, to our partners, and to the institutions that support us. They are responsible, conscientious and user-friendly.

Partners and suppliers

They are moral persons in whom we have the greatest confidence to collaborate in the primary interest of what we all serve: the emergence of social and solidarity.

The other pillars of our collaboration with them are the cordiality in the exchanges and our respective expertise.

The holders of Cagnotte

They are the raison d'être of Kwendoo and feed the system by their fundraisings

They strongly oppose the embezzlement of the funds they collect on the platform thanks to the generosity of the contributors. They also oppose the search for funding for causes concealed through praiseworthy intentions. Such behavior is contrary to our values and our general conditions of use legally frame the use of the platform.

They are the transmission belt of the system to the Kwendoo core. They are people who understand that many people can have an impact. Kwendoo does not accept that persons finance or support causes disguised via its platform and prohibited under the general conditions of use.

Donors and Volunteers

They make the kwendoo adventure possible by financing the activities, their intellectual and moral contribution. They enable Kwendoo to unfold and realize its vision.

They understand that social entrepreneurship is a contrary dividend research.

our renumeration

Kwendoo is committed to maintaining a transparent remuneration of its activities, which is described in the tariff section of its website.

Our annual report describes exactly how we use revenues from our business.

Kwendoo is managed by an association. The revenues generated are therefore intended to ensure the functioning of the association and help it realize its ideals.

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