Have you been chosen by your friends or colleagues to organize the birthday, the starter or the trip of a happy chosen one? It was then obvious for you to turn to the online kitty. Simple. Easy. And without headache. Everyone puts what they want and, most importantly, they put what they want from where they want.

The principle is simple: the online kitty allows you to collect money from all over the world with all the people wishing to participate in the project, known or unknown.

The types of pot possible:


… And the list is long. You can create a kitty for absolutely everything you want to do, all your projects, all your dreams.

Making a kitty online has many advantages:

An international collection

Anyone can participate in the project that is close to their heart from any part of the world. Whether you are in Papua or London, you can, with your credit card, create or participate in the online prize pool of your friends / colleagues.

    Easier finances

    You don't have to knock on everyone who collects to ask for money. You send the link via message or Facebook and they will make the payment as soon as they can. Peace is priceless!

    • No need to go around friends to collect their contribution.
    • No need to have to recover the bank details of the one who collects the funds. Many people do not like to make their bank details public.
    • No need to make a transfer

    Friendships preserved

    “Good accounts make good friends. No one wants to lose a friendship for a story of money so do like thousands of other people and favor the jackpots online. You will not need to make cash advances (especially if the amount is large) and you will avoid the awkward moment of the stimulus.

    Absolute transparency

    There is always the possibility of posting on the web page of the kitty the total amount collected and the amount of the contribution of each, especially in the case of collection of associations or large communities During a classic contribution (sending a check, by cash, by transfer ...), it is difficult to detect manipulation leading to a collection whose declared amount is lower than the amount actually contributed.


    A final advantage of the online kitty is that in a few hours, we can raise funds and act urgently if necessary.

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