Guide to a Successful Cagnotte

Depending on the objective, the ambition and the stake, the success of the cagnotte may require careful preparation. Here are the 7 keys to success:

1.Explain the objectives

It is important for your contributors to clearly understand the cause for which they are taken to participate. You must also indicate the steps after the cagnotte.

2. Specify the use of funds

To say in detail how you are going to spend the collection can be paramount for certain types of cagnotte (associative project, community, etc.). Here the two rules are transparency and coherence. The total items you detail must match the amount you want to collect. Soliciting the participation of your entourage and / or the public is not insignificant. do not forget it.

3.Relaunch my contributors

Returning reminders to those who have not yet contributed maximizes its collection. Obviously this depends on the nature of the cagnotte. For a wedding, it is better not to be too insistent for example.

4. Share on facebook

The social network buttons on your kwendoo kit page allow anyone to share the cagnotte on facebook and twitter. Do not stop there. You can also tweeter or write facebook posts with the link to your campaign. For a public cagnotte, you must encourage your supporters and contributors to do the same.

5. Accomplish the cagnotte page

Adding one or more pictures in the description of your cagnotte will make it more dynamic (go to the cagnotte page, click on modify the cagnotte and insert an image in the description). If you have a fun, fun or emotional video, insert your youtube or vimeo link in the kit modification form. Note that you will need to be logged into your kwendoo account to make all of these changes.

For projects to be funded by the public, a video can be a great way to present your cagnotte and give life and reality to your project. It must remain short (less than two minutes) and strike the mind.

6. Embed a Widget

If the event or project for which you are making a cagnotte has a site, you will get on the page of your cagnotte the code that you must copy and paste on your site in order for the cagnotte to be accessible.

7.Optimize collection time

During your collection, you will have to federate a community of people around your cagnotte. Allow yourself time to reach your goal, but avoid keeping your collection too long. It is important that it remains dynamic and rhythmic in order to stimulate the potential contributors!

Keep in mind that this is not because a collection lasts longer than it has more chance to succeed.

In general, collections collect peaks of activity at the beginning and at the end of them. The duration of the collection on Kwendoo is 60 days maximum.

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