Create pots from the United States and Canada

Create a money pot

If there is an advantage to online pools, it is that they make it easier for many people to collect money. And even more so if these people do not live in the same geographical area. Moreover, it can be difficult to find such an online platform that operates in North America.

Kwendoo is a kitty platform where currency barriers are lifted. As a result, you will be able to create or participate in an online kitty in US Dollar or Canadian Dollar. After creating your profile, simply choose your currency and at the end of your online kitty, the collected amount will be transferred to your account in the United States or Canada. All this without additional cost.

Create a pot from Canada:

By creating a kitty from Canada, you can easily raise money from your friends or family in Euros or Canadian Dollars. Once finished, the total amount will be transferred directly to your bank account in the euro zone or in Canada, all secured and at no additional cost.

Create a pot from the United States

This is the question we are most often asked. Indeed, if you create a kitty from the United States, you can collect the money in Euros or US Dollars. Once the pot is complete, the funds will then be transferred either to your Euro zone account or to your American bank account. All this is secure and you will not have any additional charges

Testimony from Coralie

J I've been living in New York City for a few years now and I've decided to create a kitty with my friends in the US. Indeed, we wanted to surprise a friend but we did not know how to collect the money. The problem was that you had to find an online kitty that accepts US DOllars. the kitty was very easy to create on Kwendoo. The contributors were able to pay in US Dollars and I received the money on my bank account in New-York and bought the surprise for my friend.

Testimony from Charles

I live in France and I absolutely wanted to organize the purchase of an anniversary gift to my brother who lives in Canada. The problem? Finding a secure online pot that accepts that funds raised in France and Canada can be transferred to a bank account in Canada. So I created an online kitty on Kwendoo, from which I sent the message link to the whole family in France and to the many friends of my brother in Canada. At the end of the campaign, the money was poured into my brother's Canadian bank account. Very easy!

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