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Farewell gift/retirement pot

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Farewell gift/retirement pot
Organize an unforgettable farewell/departure gift with KWENDOO - The free online jackpot platform

Kwendoo is the ideal solution for organizing a farewell gift for a colleague. In just a few clicks, gather your efforts and pay tribute to these wonderful moments spent by his side with a departure or farewell gift on KWENDOO, your free online money por platform. Collect the amount you want in the form of donations for his departure.

Antonin’s Testimony

That’s it, Thomas is leaving! After 25 years of good and loyal service and especially of all his jokes that will terribly miss us, we decided to offer him a trip with his wife to Egypt. That’s his big dream. He kept saying he was going, but he never got a chance. His farewell gift is the perfect opportunity. Colleagues gathered to offer him a 10-day trip, thanks to the free online money pot platform, Kwendoo. We look forward to his reaction when he finds out about the plane tickets. His daughter was also in confidence and participated in this beautiful surprise.

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