Common Gift

Create a money pot

It's the birthday of one of your friends. Or it's simply their graduation. Maybe they just got their driving license. Whatever the reason, if there is one, you have decided to unite with other friends to offer a present to a special person in your hearts. Kwendoo allows you to gather all your friends around this common gift project and makes the whole process easier. Indeed, you just need to create your participatory pot on the website and share it with your friends. Once all contributions have been collected, you will receive the money directly into the bank account you specified and you will be able to buy hte gift the group has decided

Do not wait any longer to surprise your friend and sign up for Kwendoo as Camille and many others have done before you.

Testimony of Laura

I came to know Kwendoo through a friend. I wanted to organize a surprise birthday for Sandra so I did not hesitate to create an online kitty on the website. being 25 people invoolved, it was complicated to ask everyone to transfer their contribution to my bank account. Second, it would have taken too much time to synchronize. Thus, through kwendoo, everyone participated with less hassle. WIth the amount collected, We were able to rent a room and invited all her family and loved ones. In addition, we paid for a cake and bought a state-of-the-art camera. she really did not expect it. Especially that so many of her friends were able to ally behind her back to organize such a memorable party. Looking forward for my 30th birthday!

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