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Common gift
Organize an unforgettable common gift with KWENDOO - The free online money pot platform

For a friend’s birthday or to celebrate his graduation, you have decided to join your friends in offering a gift to a special person in your hearts. KWENDOO, the online money pot platform, allows you to gather your friends around this common gift project and facilitates the entire process. Simply create your participatory money pot on the site and share it with your friends. Through group donations, once the amount is reached, you will receive the money directly into your account to be able to offer the gift you want. You can also transfer funds directly to the beneficiary.

Don’t wait any longer to surprise your friend and sign up on Kwendoo like Laura and many others.

Laura’s testimony

I met Kwendoo through a friend. I wanted to organize a surprise birthday for Sandra so I didn’t hesitate to create an online money pot on the site. At 25 people, it was complicated to ask everyone to transfer the money to my account. So everyone participated in their own way with a minimum amount to reach. For Sandra’s 30th birthday, we rented a room and invited all her family and loved ones. In addition, we had to pay for a cake and a state-of-the-art camera. In the end, she wasn’t expecting it. Especially since so many of her friends have rallied behind her back to organize a memorable party and offer her a common gift. It made our lives so much easier that we became loyal users of Kwendoo, an online money pot platform, for our common gifts!

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