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Baby is not there yet and that's just what you want to celebrate: the baby shower. This celebration, coming straight from the United States more and more invades the old continent and especially France. Girlfriends willing to organize a baby shower to show all their love to the future mother. That is why Kwendoo wishes to accompany these women who want to celebrate the arrival of their friend's baby.

To create your online baby shower kitty, simply register, enter a quick description and share the link with your friends.

Testimony from Cate

My best friend is expecting a little girl and we look forward to welcoming her. In the meantime, with 12 of her friends, most of whom I do not know, we organized her baby shower. It was complicated to ask these people who barely know me to transfer me money and especially without knowing in advance what we were going to do. Thanks to this online kitty, everything went well and we were able to agree to organize a party with lots of surprises.