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Baby Shower
Organize an unforgettable baby shower money pot with KWENDOO - The free online money platform

The baby is not here yet, and you want to celebrate this special event: the baby shower. This tradition came from the United States and gained popularity in Europe and especially in France. More and more friends want to organize a baby shower to show all their love to the future mom. This is completely understandable, and this is why KWENDOO, the online money platform, wants to accompany these women who want to organize a day that the future mother will not soon forget. Raise money in the form of donations with your friends to help the lucky one.
To create your baby shower online, simply register and then share the link with your friends.

Sylvie’s experience

My best friend is expecting a little girl and we can’t wait to welcome her. In the meantime, with 12 of her friends, most of whom I don’t know at all, we organized a money pot. It was complicated to ask people who knew me only by name to transfer money to me and especially without knowing beforehand what we were going to do. Thanks to this baby shower money pot on Kwendoo, the online money pot, everything went well and we were able to agree, to organize a small baby shower with lots of snacks.

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