Vivre dans une coopérative d'habitants à Lodève

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Living in a cooperative housing project in Lodève

Hi there,

Phoebe here. I’m fundraising to realise a dream that’s been evolving for the last 26 years.

Like many of us, I would like to see more solidarity between generations, more room to « be », more room for human values, more room for a harmonious environment.

My dream is of living in a place

where I can be at ease with myself and with others, sharing common spaces, a library, a living room, an open-space office, a laundry, a « quiet room », vegetable garden, etc.; all this with a concern for environmental issues and for "green" energy production ; a place open to the outside world, especially to the neighbourhood in which it is implanted, while allowing a cosy nest for each one of us ; a place where we can live together, young and old, through thick and thin, until the end of our days.

I share this dream with « La Caminade », a cooperative that was created according to the participatory housing concept of the Maisons Ecoé association (non-profit organisation). When I met them, the members of La Caminade were already applying the values of Maisons Ecoé (ref : website), while working towards the realisation of a project « on the ground ». Since then I have become a member of the cooperative and we have come a long way together. A plot of land in the « Les Carmes » district of Lodève has been selected and is in the process of being bought by the cooperative.

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Nevertheless, for the realisation of this project, everyone needs to bring a financial contribution within the limits of their possibilities. If I can find many small donations, I will be able to approach the sum set for my initial contribution, ideally 20,000€, for the small flat with terrace that I am aiming for. I will pay the rest of my « parts » via a monthly installment.

This is why I am asking all my friends, who wish to do so, to participate with a donation, no matter how small, so that I can really be part of this journey with them. The minimum donation is 5€.

A big thank you to all of you!

I can't wait to see you, on the land that has become a living housing cooperative, to celebrate our success. I’ll keep you up-dated on the project’s progress.

Contact me directly if you want to know more.

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« It would be a place to live, until the end of life, where we choose to live together, get to know each other and take care of each other »

Quote taken from a a survey sent out before beginning the project. It was part of an initial enquiry (in 2013) into what people wanted and in which 500 people participated.

Translated with (free version) adapted by Phoebe !

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