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Since April 2, 2020, Chad has been in lockdown as part of the fight against the spread of COVID19. This situation, although beneficial in the fight against the pandemic, will penalize the majority of the population of the capital N’Djamena who live on daily support income. Moreover, the lack of distance learning possibilities for educational continuity is deplorable.

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To block the coronavirus spread in Chad, several measures have been taken by the Government resulting in the lockdown, with the closure of markets, schools and restaurants, as well as a curfew from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. This lockdown, in particular the closing of markets and the ban on mini buses for public transport, will worsen the conditions of a major part of the population, who live from day to day, of daily income generated by small shops and trades. In addition to the struggle for a living (food), hygiene measures against Covid19 weigh on this segment of the population for whom soap and bleach are a luxury. In addition, distance learning n being nonexistent and difficult to apply in Chad (expensive and poor internet access, lack of computer tools, lack of electricity, etc.), children are losing the school reflex and forgetting the lessons.

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It is in this context that the NGO Tchad Résilience, with the support of other actors and goodwill, launched the "Chadian solidarity" campaign, a call for generosity and mutual aid, to support the most needy in this difficult time, while raising awareness. This kitty will provide substantial assistance to a larger number of people. The initiative also provides for the production and distribution of school booklets for the educational continuity of young children (from kinder garden to 6th grade). No single state can meet all the health, economic and social needs that this pandemic will generate. Citizens must make a contribution, especially when it comes to the survival of populations. The action started on April 1, 2020 with a few partners and goodwill support, with the distribution of soap, bleach and essential food products.

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The objective of this campaign is to support the most disadvantaged, who are suffering the consequences of the fight against Covid19, by providing them with assistance in hygiene products and basic foodstuffs, as well as school booklets for educational continuity according to children's levels.

The target of this campaign is 5,000 households spread over 5 boroughs and 20 peripheral districts of the capital, Ndjaména (see program below), and 2,500 children for school continuity.

COST OF THE OPEATION The funding gap of this operation is 576,685,000 FCFA (roughly 957 000 USD). The total cost is 601,825,000 FCFA globally, of which the amount 25,140,000 FCFA, in cash and / or in kind, was mobilized by a few partners and goodwill.


The NGO TChad Resilience and its partners appeal to the generosity of all (Chadian and non-Chadian) throughout the world in this difficult and unprecedented period that the world is going through.

From the smallest amount of money or in-kind, to the largest donation, make your heart speak by making a donation to this online fundraising campaign. For in-kind donations, call the number 00235 66347402 or 00 235 62060849. Let us act together to block the coronavirus while supporting the poorest.

Duration of the fundraising campaign: 2 months.

** WHO IS THE NGO "Thad Resilience"? **

Chad Resilience is a think & do tank promoting the resilience of Chadians, for inclusive and sustainable development. It was created in December 2015.

Chad Resilience aims to be a dynamic reservoir of ideas, proposals and support for projects of general interest, with a view to strengthening the resilience of vulnerable populations in urban and rural areas: in particular the poorest households and young people.

Due to its dual vocation Think and Do, the NGO promotes a resilience approach to the development of Chad, on the one hand through publications, but also training, awareness-raising and advocacy actions; And on the other hand, through projects to create and / or consolidate the livelihoods of poor households and young people.

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