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We were about thirty people to take care of our elephants, dogs, chickens and to welcome our visitors The people who came to see us were our only source of income at that time and everything was going well for what has come to be known as the "Ganeshapark family"

In March 2020, suddenly, the border closures put us, like hundreds of thousands of people, in a catastrophic financial situation. The six elephants eat a lot of food two tons of food a day for our six elephants, and demand constant care.

No more cooking, no more reception, no more room and little maintenance, everyone looked for a job and mutual aid wanted those who could not find anything to be helped by those who had a little money, in solidarity.

Only Kenji, Pom, Sanya and his wife, Mike and Fatima were left, almost voluntarily, and with Richard, we settle the various supply and administrative problems, waiting for better days and to be able to open the New Ganeshapark, the Domaine of Elephants.

But this wait comes at a cost! So far, we have survived thanks to a fund that had been set up by the Wassanna association, held by Christine Pagnier Guillot, the sale of a book that we published at the beginning of the summer and the one-off donations. that were made to our attention. Six months that this situation lasts!

And here we are obliged to appeal to the generosity of those who believe in us and in our elephants in order to be able to live serenely for the next six months. We have in fact a big surprise in store for you for the month of April: a shocking event! You can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, make a one-time or recurring monthly donation at this address:


Buy the books that we have published, the t-shirts or the jewels of Bénédicte:


Or, quite simply, participate in this jackpot.

Details of requirements can be found at the page “budget” In advance, we thank you and hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you when the situation returns to normal!

François Collier and the Ganeshapark family

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