Construction Participative d'une Aire de Jeux à la Sicap - Dakar

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Participative Construction of a Playground

Located in the Sicap Community in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa


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Photo of Rond Point Jet d'Eau in 1960

SICAP, an emblematic district of Dakar (Senegal)

At the end of independence, the real estate company SICAP.SA (Société Immobilière du Cap-Vert) and Senegal’s first president, L.S. Senghor, designed SICAP as a symbol of modernity and a quality life in Dakar. It included the famous Jet d'Eau roundabout, villas, libraries, cinemas, green spaces, and play areas. Now, in the 2000s, the living environment that had been implemented in the late 1960s no longer exists, much to everyone's regret. Inhabitants remember the SICAP of their childhood with nostalgia. Image title

Photo Boubacar Touré Mandemory between the Jet d’Eau - Meet our City project– December 2015


The proposed project is an extension of the School of Commons, a program Kër Thiossane started five years ago focused on the concept of common goods. It provides art and free technologies, in the Dakar public space, beginning with the already existing framework, a network, and a focus on creating a space for a better living together.

Kër Thiossane started in 2014 in the heart of Sicap creates open trans-disciplinary research space, combining art, technology, urban ecology, economy, and neighborhood practice.

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Children's play area at Sicap in the 1960s

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Former public park between the Jet d'Eau buildings, in the 2000s

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Drawing Camille Bosqué - Prefiguration School of Commons between the Jet d'Eau Buildings - Oct. 2013

In one of the inner courtyards of the Jet d'Eau buildings, formerly a public garden, but now is abandoned to plastic waste and unsanitary conditions, Kër Thiossane set up in agreement with residents and institutions:

  • the Jet d'Eau artistic garden (2014)
  • the fablab Defko Ak Niep "Do it with Others" (2014), a space for pooling digital manufacturing machines
  • the Solidarity garden dedicated to permaculture with women (2016).

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The beginnings of the Jet d'Eau Garden in 2015

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Defko Ak Niëp fablab storefront painting (Do it with Others) - February 2014

Image title

Planting in the Solidarity Garden with local women - April 2016


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Prototype of a swing producing electricity - AfroPixel fablab workshop # 6 "Ville en Commun" - May 2016


Kër Thiossane wishes to build a playground in the SICAP district in order to continue practicing the idea of common goods with children.

Workshops, discussions, learning circles will also be regularly organized around this play area with animators and actors from the cultural sector and civil society. These will help revive the idea of citizen action in Senegal with young people and their parents and to find together new ways to create a real sense of community.

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Ceremony with Fake Lions - Jet d'Eau Garden - February 2015


Today, in SICAP, children play football (soccer) in the dilapidated public space and even the streets. The Center for Social Reinsertion in Liberté 3 still has no space dedicated to motor skills for its three kindergarten classes.

For young children aged 0 to 14 (representing over 40% of the population in Senegal), spaces dedicated to games and sport in Dakar are almost non-existent. Today, the children living in the buildings bordering the Jet d'Eau have chosen to build a playground located in the court yard currently occupied by a dilapidated basketball court. The children will draw plans and build it with Kër Thiossane, craftsmen, and designers of the fablab.

The playground will not only be a convivial space for recreation, but also its participative construction with and for the inhabitants will be in itself a project of "doing together" , creating a link at the neighborhood level, while contributing to the promotion of common spaces in the heart of Dakar. Image title

The dilapidated basketball court - January 2020

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Dakar Typo Workshop - Screenprinting of Common Posters - Afropixel#4


- Improve the daily lives of Sicap residents, especially children. Promote the development of SICAP (particularly young people) through games, sport and culture.

- Promote doing it together. Involve all residents in the design of the site, its preparation, monitoring and the future management of equipment. Experiment with civic organization around the playground, including and empowering young people.

- Encourage local education. Through imagination and innovation, combined with local crafts, encourage local education on improving the living conditions of African cities.

- Promote sustainable citizenship. Participate in a concrete and effective way in the development of the Dakar public space through sustainable design.


Kër Thiossane and the children of Sicap Jet d'Eau are asking for your support!

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Distribution at the Jet d'Eau Garden of musical instruments made by children – Sardes with Cherimus - July 2019

Through this project, we want to emphasize culture, citizenship and social ties in Senegal.

We are convinced that the participatory creation of this playground will have a strong and concrete social impact at the heart of the lives of the inhabitants of the historic district of SICAP and Dakar residents.


Here also is our Orange Money number for donations: 221 77 380 8236


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Afropixel coin made with the artist Mansour Ciss Kanakassi - Afropixel # 4 – Resistance Garden

The money from this campaign will be used for the construction of the playground from the design workshops with the children to the realization of the project. It includes not only the materials (sand, cement, irons, wood, ropes, tires ...), the labor of local artisans, but also the workshop sessions, learning circles, and activities focused on the commons and citizenship with children, parents, and the community of Sicap and Dakar. These plan to be held for the next seven months (from the end of February to the end of August 2020).

  • Depending on the plans and games decided, 1,115,127 CFA (1,700 €) will be dedicated to the preparation of the land (pruning, sand trucks, fence, ...) then to the purchase of construction materials and work of craftsmen who will collaborate with children and parents to build the playground and rehabilitate the basketball court.

  • 600,000 CFA (915 €) will be used to pay the various participants (artists, civil society actors, etc.) who will come for weekly workshops or learning circles with children on Saturdays. This may also include other activities such as cinema screenings once a month.

  • CFA 175,000 (€ 267) will be used to buy equipment for the workshops (mats, cushions, boards ...), and for the equipment needed for the workshops (pencils, paint, paper, photo prints, etc.) .).

  • 700,000 CFA (1,067 €) will be used to cover part of the production, communication, and animation costs within Kër Thiossane from February to August.


Image title

Mosaic by artists Muhsana Ali & Kane Sy - inner courtyard wall Kër Thiossane

A resource center for digital creation and artistic practices in Senegal and in West Africa, Kër Thiossane has worked since 2002 for the democratization of multimedia tools, with artists, and also with the public. Through workshops, residencies, meetings, as well as the Afropixel festival (the seventh edition of which was held in June 2019), Kër Thiossane tries to create relationships with art and multimedia, along with communities.

Goals and objectives of the organization:

  • to unite young people with similar ideals and create ties of understanding and solidarity between them, along with a permanent concern for professionalism and creative development.

  • to make art, culture, and digital creation accessible to all via computers, networks, and free technologies.

  • to create a place of culture dedicated to social and artistic innovation.

  • to allow the new generation of artists to innovatively create by giving them access to multimedia tools (video, software, mapping, 3D, virtual reality, etc.).

  • to raise public awareness of new forms of expression and bring people to a better understanding of African culture and other cultures.

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Image title

Cleaning the garden space with building residents - février 2014

Image title

Cleaning the garden space with building residents - February 2014

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Début of Jet d'Eau garden by artist Emmanuel Louisgrand - May 2014

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Transformative "In Common" painting by artist Al Khaly - May 2014

Image title

Painting of the second transformation with Beaux-Arts Nantes school and Dakar artists - February 2015

Image title

Planting in the Solidarity Garden – May 2016

Image title

Sowing squash between the two gardens with Adjuma and children - Sept. 2019

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Workshop "Imagine the City" with the artist Marion Darregert - Afropixel 5 - May 2016

Image title

Fablab workshop with children - Cheikh Anta Diop Fab Academy - March 2017

Image title

"Electronic textiles" workshops with fashion students - Social reintegration center - February 2018

Image title

Residence of the South African artist François Knoetze - Mai 2018

Image title

The Jet d’Eau Garden and its dome - Avril 2018

Image title

The Jet d'Eau garden in bloom - June 2019 Image title Maty watering the Jet d'Eau garden - Dec. 2015

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